We are Houston’s premiere pediatric therapy facility offering Hippotherapy in our treatment plans! Cowboy Up offers an unparalleled blend of speech, occupational, and therapeutic riding uniquely integrated with the power of horses.

Traditional clinic settings can be stressful for patients, and this stress can negatively affect progress when present during therapy. By incorporating horses into treatment, we provide an extra level of comfort and engagement than traditional settings.

Cowboy Up’s approach reduces stress, increases motivation, wellness, & joy. The therapy animals have a unique and profound impact on the child’s wellness bringing engagement and confidence.

We are located on a tranquil ranch in Hockley, TX just minutes from Cypress, Katy and Tomball. We are surrounded by nature, cattle, deer and when we are lucky, even bald eagles!

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Our clients don’t merely participate in therapy; they have a blast. The strides our clients take on horse back make the therapeutic process immersing in the genuine joy of having fun in therapy. The desire to return each week becomes a powerful motivation, propelling our clients to make remarkable progress. At Cowboy Up, we celebrate the profound human-animal bond.

Making Therapy Fun

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of hippotherapy in treating balance disorders, improving functional motor performance, reducing spasticity of lower extremities, increasing breath support for improved articulation and speech volume, and enhancing alertness, attention, and memory through cognitive retraining.

Saddle up for a therapeutic journey that transcends expectations.

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