Coma/Vegitative/Minimally Conscious


Coma is defined as a complete loss of arousal and no sleep/wake cycle. This is a short term diagnosis that will either lead to death, a vegetative state, or awakening. Vegetative State is defined as wakeful unconsciousness where there is a return of the sleep/wake cycle but no awareness of self or environment.

Minimally Conscious is defined as awareness of self or environment that is emerging or has emerged. This state is identified by behaviors elicited which demonstrate awareness of people in the room, objects, or other stimuli that may elicit a purposeful response.

Services Provided:

  • Determine an objective measure of level of arousal or consciousness
  • Help differentiate volitional from coincidental movements
  • Weekly (frequency is negotiable) assessment of six areas including auditory, visual, oromotor, communication and arousal responses
  • Record and graph changes over time to identify subtle changes in arousal
  • Complete an analysis each visit of quantitive data collected to identify which stimuli warrant the
  • most consistent response from the patient with the goal being to set up a communication system for the patient
  • Mobile service – we will come to the patient free of charge
  • Dialogue with the patient’s physician regarding findings and make recommendations for
  • improved quality of life
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